Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Granules Coconut Shell

Approx Price: Rs 85 / Kilogram 
Activated Carbon Granules Coconut Shell offered by us are manufactured using coconut shell, wood or coal. These are prepared by the activation process with the help of steam and myriad of pores with large internal surface area. Our range of activated carbon granules is used in packaging applications.

  • Superior Adsorption
  • High density
  • Low attrition loss

Activated Carbon Powder

Approx Price: Rs 11 / Kilogram 

We offer a wide gamut of Activated Carbon Powder that is prepared using quality components. These are primarily used as an effective means for reducing the impurities pertaining to taste, odor and color in organic chemicals. It is a black colored powder similar to granular or powdered charcoal.

Technical Properties:-

ZEO Carb -100 UZEO Carb -150 UZEO Carb -200 UZEO Carb -250UZEO Carb -280 UZEO Carb -320 UM B Valuemg/g100150200250280320KMno4-
252545556070Ash%max251510101010Iron (ppm)max10001000800800600500Acid Soluble (HCL)%max101010101010Water Soluble%max553221LO.D%max101010101010CI & so4MaxUSP
Particle Size98% Passes through 100 Mesh
ZEO Carb -150 UZEO Carb -200 UZEO Carb -250 UZEO Carb -280UZEO Carb -320 UM B ValueMg/g150200250280320KMno4% min2535455565Ash% max85443Iron (ppm)Max300200200150200Acid Soluble (HCL)% max53221Water Soluble% max51111LO.D%max201010108CI & so4MaxUSP
6.0 to 7.5
Particle Size-
98% Passes through 100 Mesh

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